Song for Morrie Markoff’s 100th Birthday! 

This is a wonderful song writer and singer Jeannine Frank wrote and sang at Morrie’s 100th birthday.

(It is to the tune of MONA LISA by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston).

Song for Morrie Markoff’s 100th Birthday! 

Morrie Markoff, Morrie Markoff you’re a treasure

We’re so honored to be here with you today

Morrie Markoff, Morrie Markoff what a pleasure

At a hundred years it’s clear you’re here to stay!


Do you have a special secret Morrie Markoff?

We’d all love to age as gracefully as you

Many friends and relations have shown up

Some have shrunken – others blown up

Your great grand kids are practically grown up

There’s not a flat-line scan that stops a man like you!


Morrie Markoff is a man of strong opinions

Giving voice to them has always been his way

So he shares them with the L.A. Times’s minions

At a hundred years he’s had a lot to say!


From a friendly note to columnist Steve Lopez

You and Betty soon were making front page news

Many anchors were camped at your doorstep

For the story – of our Morrie

Downtown News, NBC — many more step

All vying for exclusive rights to all your views


Morrie Markoff is a man who likes to tinker

No appliance or TV’s beyond repair

He’s an activist, world traveler and a thinker

So much talent in one person’s hardly fair


From a dead end kid who peddled stolen apples

To a patriarch you simply can’t ignore

Give a cheer for our dear Morrie Markoff

And sending wishes for another hundred more!

(Original lyrics by Jeannine Frank – lovingly ripped off from the tune of MONA LISA by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)