My 108th Birthday

It all started after I had eaten a hearty breakfast and I was lying down on my alcove couch.

Danny poked me and said, “Let’s go.”


“To your son’s house.”

We arrived to find Jadwiga setting up for lunch.

I was surprised to be greeted by well-known L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez.

“Morrie, I came here to celebrate your 108th birthday. I know a lot of people but no one your age.”

“Thanks,” I said, “I’m flattered. I rarely miss reading your column. You are a man with a heart. The last article you wrote about the street people deserves the Pulitzer Prize” (and you may get it). (Click here to read a PDF of the L.A. Times article by Steve Lopez on Morrie’s 108th Birthday)

My grandson Thomas started putting assorted bits of food on my plate.

My son Steve said, “Dad, don’t wait for the other people, start eating.”

Having eaten a hearty breakfast, I told Jadwiga I just at the moment couldn’t do “justice” to the food she cook and served.

“Don’t worry, I can put it in a container and you can take it home.”

This evening, I ate if for dinner.

It has been a “perfect day.”

For my birthday dinner, Radka made Hungarian dishes, highly spiced.

I kept a glass of water close to me “just in case” (I didn’t drink it).

It is evident to me that I do not have the energy of my younger days.

I can’t stand on my feet for long.

I get a desire to sit down.

I am not complaining, merely stating a fact.

At my age, I realistically can’t expect to be as lucky as I have been.

I take it one day at a time, making it as pleasurable and productive as I can.

“I go with the flow.”


(January 11, 2022)