“Keep Breathing” Reviews

Conscientious humans seek to learn from the wisdom of those who lived before us. Morrie Markoff has learned a lot during his century plus on this planet, and has lived through eras that remain ever relevant, given what is going on in the world today. Morrie Markoff’s book is full of wonderful life lessons and information on eras that few alive today remember. And he writes with humility, humor, and wit. A couple times, an anecdote had me laughing out loud, and I still smile thinking of his stories. A magnificent read from a man who continues to lead a wonderful life.

State Assemblyman Mike Gatto (ret.), March 2022

I read this book and enjoyed it very much. I personally met Morrie and his wife Betty in July and August when I was recovering in Assisted Living from a badly broken arm. I had lunch with them several times. Morrie is a wonderful conversationalist. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I learned his wife, Betty, passed away. I was very interested because of hearing some of them first hand. It isn’t a novel, but a recitation of his life.

Betty Carlson

Maybe this isn’t the best written memoir but it’s a wonderful and enlightening journey through the tumult of 20th century America.It’s a very entertaining look at the lived history and the personal experience of a man who has achieved considerable success and at 101 has recalled in great detail his childhood and young adulthood.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book ,especially as I met Morrie Markoff over 40 years and can attest for his positive and generous approach to life.

Mr. D. L. Duncan