Shocking Story (Again)

… No one but his parents will grieve for the cold-blooded killer Salvador Ramos. 

Probably millions of words will be written about the Rio Grande killings. 

The people involved will have bad memories and nightmares about it.

The fact is we live in a brutal country. Incidents like the above mentioned are not a rarity. It will happen again, again and again.

No other country has the homicides each year that we do.

Our 2nd Amendment to our Constitution allows us to carry guns. It doesn’t spell out clearly whether they must be exposed.

It is a subject that our Congress has argued about for many years and in the future for many more.

My “take” is that in our congested big cities only the police should have guns. …

(May 26, 2022)

S0 …

Perhaps some good may come out of so much evil.

Again, Congress will debate the 2nd Amendment, the right to carry arms. Our Congress may be nothing but debating society. The question debated has been around for years.

The shooting in Uvalde will like a cork flowing down the Rio Grande river soon disappear from view, fading into history. Many problems will be left unresolved.

Dead is dead, you can’t bring a deceased person back to life. The evil deeds that happened in Uvalde will never be forgotten by surviving victims, it has been etched into memory cells.

Nothing is forever. The evil men do is left behind. The good fades with the deed.


A gavel bangs loud, a voice says, “Hear ye, Hear ye, this Congress is now in session. Bailiff please read the proposed agenda.”

Among them is “the right to carry arms” and so it goes (and has gone repeated for much of American history and until this day has not been resolved.

Do guns kill people, or do the people who pull the trigger? (A chicken and egg question.)

Does the 2nd Amendment give us the right to carry a concealed weapon? Many states have different views, so do people. My view is that only police should carry guns.

What’s yours?

Will there ever be a conformity of views?

I don’t think so.

“And the band plays on.”

Good luck (In our society you need it).


A Mess

The Ukraine is in a mess.

Millions of people running (holding children’s hands or infants in their arms) seeking safety somewhere. …

The war, as bad as it is, can get much worse.

Atom bombs, which both sides possess, have not been used, and hopefully will not be.

My “take” is that the Ukraine will win …

Meanwhile, “The band plays on” …

Everything is in a “state of flux.”


(May 3, 2022)

Miracles Do Happen

Yes, miracles do happen.

One did yesterday (April 12, 2022).

A 62-year-old fired 35 rounds, shooting at random people in a crowded New York subway.

No one was killed.

How could that be?

“And the band plays on”

This is not a unique occurrence.

It has happened time and time again – and sadly it will continue to happen.

Police have arrested the shooter.

Why he did it is yet to be known.

For sure, they are unstable, frustrated and angry.

The miracle is that despite all the shots fired into a crowd, no one was killed.

“Miracles do happen”

(April 2022)

Another Day

My stomach full, I went to the bathroom sink to brush my dentures then sat in my nearby office chair, where I am writing this.

So far it has been a most pleasant day.

I got up and went to our east patio to get some sun.

I try not to have the sun shine on me for more than 20 minutes. …

Catching my breath, lying relaxed, I look at the sun playing “peek-a-boo” with the fast moving clouds. 

Rested, I walked to the living room where I found Danny watching a soccer match, his favorite sport.

It’s been a most pleasant day so far.

I hope it continues to be.


(May 3, 2022)

Flickering Memories

Lying on my comfortable alcove couch, my stomach pleasantly full, my thoughts flow haphazard through my mind, one thought quickly replacing another.

My daughter Judy said to me, “Dad, what a life.”

What motivated her, I don’t know, but “yes.”

I have had a helluva life and I’m still going.

It ain’t over yet.

I am a survivor. I don’t know anyone else my age.

Plus, a “BIG” plus, I have an amazingly good memory. I’ve used it all my life.

I’ve had very little schooling … I was a serious student. My brain was like a sponge. …

Dear readers, I don’t want to duplicate what I’ve previously written about.

Those of my readers who are interested, I’ve written and published “Keep Breathing” (not a “best seller” although a reviewer gave it a 5 star rating).

I could have sold more books if I had more relatives. …

One of these days I expect to get a phone call from Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. I am a fitting subject for an interview. …

(May 1, 2022)

Where is the UN?

Putin, as expected, is creating havoc.

Under his direction his armies are shelling the defenseless cities of the Ukraine, driving people from their homes.

Hundreds, if not millions of people are on the move.

The roads are crowded, people fleeing for their lives going in one direction. … It’s like a scene out of hell.

With the support of President Biden, there is no way Putin and his schemes will prevail.

He knows it. He is looking for an “out.”

In all fairness, he should be arrested as a war criminal and tried and convicted for his crimes.

Hopefully this will happen.

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of people are dying.

It disturbs me.

Why isn’t the United Nations doing their job?


(May 1, 2022)

Lessons Learned

A smart gambler knows when to call a bluff and when to fold.

I thought that I was a smart gambler, but I was not.

I no longer gamble.

My judgment is not the best.

I in my younger days enjoyed gambling.

Only once do I remember leaving the Las Vegas or Indian casinos a winner.

I am a crap-shooter.

Once I held and rolled the dice for 1/2 an hour.

I was making pass after pass, the people betting on me were making “oodles” of money.

I wasn’t.

I didn’t “press” my bets as they did.

I really don’t go (or didn’t go) to Las Vegas to win money. I had enough of my own.

My and Betty’s lifestyle does not require a “HUGE” amount of money (with Betty gone, very little).

(May 1, 2022)

Betsy Doll

My “Betsy Doll” died in my arms at the age of 101.

Unlike most women, she didn’t age.

When I married her, she weighed 105 pounds.

When she died, she was 95 pounds.

She had a figure movie stars would envy.

I am not a womanizer.

She was the only girl I ever dated.

I never proposed to her.

We were in love.

For readers who want to know more, please read my book “Keep Breathing.”

Good luck.

Dear Reader, every life is a story.

If mine inspires you – write yours.

(April 14, 2022)

Survival – Bielski Brothers

Operating only at night and living in a Polish forest, the Bielski brothers created havoc on the German army during WWII.

They threw live grenades into passing trucks loaded with German soldiers.

They pointed the arrows of road signs to lead them into swamps.

For two years, they were a thorn in the German army’s side.

Huge sums of money were offered for their capture.

They never were.

The woods were their home.

In conclusion … the Bielski brothers survived the war and returned to their trade as tailors.

All this happened 75 years ago.

For the readers interested and who want more information, go to your computers.

Millions of words have been written about the Bielski brothers.

If it whets your appetite, do some research on your own.

Good luck


(April 12, 2022)