The Golem

Lying on the alcove couch and daydreaming out of the cobwebs of my mind, a name appeared that in my youth scared the hell out of me.


My mother used to try to control my childhood misdeeds by saying, “Pasoof, the Golem will get you.”

She painted into my mind images of the GOLEM I will never forget.

Sometimes I wake up in a sweat.

I was running from this Golem.

His large pointed teeth were dripping disgusting saliva.

His giant step grabbed me, there was no escape.

On his chest was a huge star-shaped object.

In my screaming panic, I grabbed and turned it.

With me in his arms, the giant Golem collapsed.

I fell to the ground and ran away.

I saw a big empty ash can.

I jumped into it and put the cover over my head.

No one, not even the Golem would find me.

I suddenly woke up.

I realized it was all a dream, a nightmare.

I felt someone shaking me.

I opened my eyes.

A smiling face, Chi-Chi, was hanging over me.

“Morrie,” she said, pointing to my wall clock. “It’s 7:30, time to get up, I’ve cooked some oatmeal.”

With a huge sigh of relief, I realized I was dreaming.

I had a nightmare.

Something all of us have.

(August 1, 2022)

Sh*t Happens

Dear Readers:

Please forgive my East Harlem language. It says what I mean, it means what it says.

Every day things out of my control happen. 

Some good.

Some bad.

Nothing stays the same.

That’s life.

We didn’t ask to be born.

We may have a “say” in how we die, or when.

I call it “luck.”

Again, I repeat, some have it and some don’t.

In Yiddish, it’s called “Mazel.”

I’ve had it thus far in “spades.”

I can only hope it continues.

A practical, realistic man, I know at the age of this writing, 108, I don’t have far to go.

Like Betty, I hope to leave this world with a smile on my face.

My daughter Judy says, “Dad, you’ve lived some life.”

I sure have.

Like it or not.

I will leave footprints in the shifting sands of time.

Millions have done so before me…

Good luck


(August 1, 2022)


To me, and to many people my age and condition, I did nothing special to reach the age and physical and mental condition I’m in.

I do as much exercise as my body allows me to.

Perhaps it’s what I didn’t do and don’t do.

-I don’t drink wine or liquor.

-Surprising to many is that I don’t drink much water. Most of the liquids I drink are part of my meals.

-I am not a big eater. I have a good appetite for breakfast, my favorite meal, but a little fills me up. Some people live to eat, I eat to live.

How long I will keep going is anybody’s guess.

As long as I am free of pain, as long as I can hear (albeit with hearing aids) as long as I maintain my sense of taste and my sense of humor, as long as I can see, I want to keep going.

My lifelong sense of curiosity to find out what is around the corner.

I want to keep going.

If I had a wish that could come true, I would want Betty beside me.

I know that is not possible.

I’ve had a good life, a wonderful wife, two kids I respect and admire.

I’m not complaining.

I can only wish everyone was, and is, as lucky as I am and have been.

Good luck to you


(July 25, 2022)

Jon Appleton

Judy called to tell me Jon Appleton died.

“Of what?” I asked.

“Doctors do not, for sure, know what caused it. They suspect from one of the current viruses.”

I remember him well as a “natural born leader,” an innovator.

In the basement of our Avenel House, he would make up games and stories.

I used to watch him and think, “This kid has talent. He will go far in later life.”

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Life is not fair.

What a waste.


(July 16, 2022)

Another Look

Donald Trump has declared he will run for president.

I do not underestimate Mr. Trump. He will be a danger to our country if elected.

He has a huge following. Like Hitler, he is a good speaker.

He will make promises he knows are lies. He will do whatever it takes to get elected, a possibility.

His achilles heel is his big mouth.

He has declared what he will do if elected president.

To leftists like me, a frightening thought. …

Again, I was a lucky guy. In walking from the alcove to the bathroom, my knees collapsed. I fell to the floor. Chi-Chi picked me up … I’m now back at my desk and writing.

For about 15 minutes, I watched CNN news.

Big mouth Trump was speaking. 

He was handed a note, which he read. 

It was a shocker. It said his wife Ivana had suddenly collapsed and died.

I had an instant flashback to Betty.

A “shocker” for sure. 

With tears in his eyes, he left the podium.

He hasn’t spoken publicly since.

Prior to this tragic incident, he expressed his desire to run against Biden for president.

If he does, he would be a formidable opponent.

He has a following of thousands of people.

A persuasive speaker.

To me (and many others) he is a dangerous man.

His expressed program would take us back to the middle ages.

The fat lady has not spoken yet.

Trump is a dangerous man and needs watching.


(July 19, 2022)

U.S. Capital Riots – Close Call

It was really a “Cliff Hanger.”

A year ago, our democracy stood at the “edge of a cliff.”

It didn’t get pushed over.

An old saying prevails, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.”

It didn’t get pushed over.

No, Mr. Trump, your golden convincing brilliant plan did not work.

If you want to be a dictator, get a stenographer.

Justice may be slow, but it will prevail.

A congressional investigation committee is now in session.

What really happened that day is being discussed.

When the “dust” settles and the facts disclosed, it is my belief that Donald Trump, despite his wealth, will do jail time.

He will get delay, after delay, but will wind up in jail.

No one deserves it more.

Justice will triumph.


(June 2022)

Facts I’ve Learned Living a Long Life

Facts I’ve learned living a long life, traveling the world.

Anatomically the same, we differ widely in many ways.

Color, structure, language, foods we eat, way of life, history, location, religion.

We think differently … Yet we are all the same. 

We get angry when something displeases us and makes us angry.

Our anger creates anti-social behavior, intolerance exploited by “hateful people” (like Hitler) to their benefit, causing irreparable harm. 

Beware the “rabble rouser” – Oft times good speakers are convincing.

Differences breed hatreds (our past history is replete with examples). Their prey is usually helpless minorities, disbelieving of dangers facing them.

We live in good times and bad times. Capitalism, the form of government we live (it has its faults but so far none better).

I’ve been to the Soviet Union (the people’s paradise, no thank you, it’s not for me). …

We live in dangerous times.

That’s the way it is.


(June 30, 2022)

Again, Again and Again

I repeat “life is a game of chance, a toss-up, a flip of a coin.”

No one plans how or where they are born. We could have been born a “Hitler,” responsible for the death of millions of people.

Be careful of whom you are calling what. The “what” could be you.

Unless I’m sleeping, my busy brain is “awhirl” with thought.

Isn’t everyone’s? My curiosity drove me at an early age to see a part of it.

Too old, too infirmed to travel now, I will leave it to my next life (if I have one).

As knowledgeable as I am, the mysteries of life evade me. 

For sure, I know I will never know, try as I might.

“Morrie,” Betty used to tell me, “stop predicting the future, no one knows what it will be.”

So wise, so right.

My Betsy.

The practical woman I married.

I pat myself on the back. 

It’s good for my ego.

(July 18, 2022)

I Approve, Governor Newsom

Governor Newsom,

I heartily approve of your pardoning Sara Kruzan.

What was it she did that deserved her spending many years of her life in jail?

Kill the S.O.B. pimp that was selling her body?

Ridding the world of a “pimp”? 

She should have gotten a medal.

Maybe someday she will.

(July 3, 2022)


Based on evidence, it is likely Donald Trump is likely to go to jail.

He is a traitor to his and our county.

Nothing will save him.

P.S. Does it remind me of Hitler? Hell yes. 

In the end, he wound up underground in a rat hole. He did what he said the Jews would do. 

They didn’t. 

He did. 

Did he come out with two guns blazing? Hell no. 

He was a coward (good riddance). 

Dropped by a plane somewhere over the ocean (no one knows where). His cremated ashes blown about in the winds. 

Au devoir, mein Fuhrer.

You were no Butch Cassidy.

(June 12, 2022)