Fading Memories

My mind is playing tricks on me.

I am having terrible, frightening dreams.

Last night, I had a scary one from which I awoke with a sweat.

I was relieved.

I felt someone poking me.

I looked up.

It was smiling Cherito.

She pointed to our large wall clock.

7:30 a.m.

Time to get up.

I did with a feeling of relief.

(I wonder where the word “nightmare” came from.)

Anyway, returning from a good lunch of scrambled eggs and, as you are reading, I’m writing.

In front of me are many photos of Betty and me. …

I loved her from the moment I saw her – always did, always will.


(August 29, 2022)

Facts About Me

Like it or not, energetic Morrie (me) is running out of the “stuff” and for good reason – I am 108 years old.

Without my wheelchair and Cherito’s help, I’m helpless. 

All I want to do is sit.

Am I complaining?

Hell no.

None of my old friends are around. Not even the exercising health “nuts.”

The last time I went to “muscle beach” in Venice, no one I recognized doing push-ups was there.

I didn’t see empty cartons of “power drinks” lying around.

All the guys with “bulging muscles” were gone. 


At the age of 108 I am in good shape.

I don’t have a bulging stomach. 


Cherito handed me a wrapped piece of chocolate, which I unwrapped and put in my mouth. I didn’t enjoy eating it as I used to.

Has my taste changed? 

I really don’t know.

With my scrambled eggs, I’m “achin’ for bacon” with a toasted half of an English muffin.

For me, nothing is better.

When I get up, I look forward to eating it … with English marmalade jam.

Nothing is better for breakfast – at least for me.


(August 29, 2022)

Son of a Gun

I opened my eyes and looked at my watch.

It was 3:49 p.m.

Lying on the alcove couch, a story gelled in my mind.


Living close to a city dump everyday, I would watch a fleet of city garbage trucks. 

Heavily loaded, they struggled to climb a steep hill. To make it, they had to shift in low gear, making a grinding noise resonating through the canyon.

You saw them but you couldn’t hear them.

Reaching the top, they drove a short distance to a smelly field, tilted their load, which slid off.

Repulsed by the sounds and smells, they couldn’t wait to get out of the area.

They had their load “signed off” by a guy wearing a mask, turned around and headed downhill.

They had done their job.

The load they dumped was food for the chattering birds.

Squawking wildly, vultures, falcons, hawks surrounded me.

I quickly got in my car. I saw a site I had never seen, nor will ever forget.

(August 23, 2022)


Just finished talking with “J.”

She told me that “Poppee” (who was like a grandmother to our kids) her husband was killed in WWI. 

She never spoke about him.

I still have guilty feelings about not doing more for her.

We lived on a steep hill.

I could have taken her to the Church of the Open Door and arranged to meet her after services and driven her home.

I could have helped her with her shopping.

I didn’t.

To Betty and me she was family.

When we moved west, we never saw her again. 

She died in her sleep.

Good, sweet “Poppee.”

Our family will never forget her.

Sweet dreams “Poppee” (mucho love)


P.S. Neither of our kids ever forgot “Poppee.” She loved them as if they were her children.

P.P.S. I have few regrets in my life. One was not doing more for “sweet Poppee.”

(August 15, 2022)


With my eyes permitting, I tried to stay awake until 8 p.m.

I watched CNN news and then headed to bed.

With Chi-Chi’s help, she gives me pills, she pulls back the covers and “plops” me into bed.

Hopefully, I will fall asleep soon.

Sometimes, I look at Betty’s picture and speak to her.

No one knows if she’s listening.

So … dear readers … good night.


(August 12, 2020)

Liz Cheney

My hat off to Liz Cheney.

At the cost of losing the election, she spoke the truth.

She called a “spade” a “spade.”

Still undecided, she may run for president despite the odds.

A gutsy gal.

P.S. A long time staunch Republican with a record for honesty.

If she were a Democrat, I would vote for her.


(August 18, 2022)

Oddities I’ve Seen

-Pigmy firs (stunted pine trees)

-Whale spawning

-Mayan Pyramids (climbed)

-Watched salmon climb fish ladders to place of birth and often die when they landed on rocks where they can’t breathe and die

-Watched new volcanos start from ground

-I rode on a boat on the highest lake in the world (Lake Chapala)

(August 22, 2022)


What the hell is happening?

When I go out, should I wear a mask or shouldn’t I?

In my youth, only bank robbers wore masks.

We seem to be playing “hide and seek” with the virus, yet I know it’s no joke (despite Donald Trump calling it a hoax.)

The L.A. Times lists its victims in the Obituary column.

I didn’t reach my age (108) by being stupid.

If, and when, I go out, I will wear a mask.

(June 1, 2022)


My hat off to you Vin.

In my younger days (many moons ago) I was a rabid Yankees fan.

I didn’t have money to buy a ticket to the Yankee stadium but I would listen to you on the radio.

You made even the dullest games exciting. To me you were the King of Broadcasters.

No one will ever fill your shoes. 

You were exceptional.

Wherever you are, keep broadcasting.

The Angels are listening – many may have been Yankee fans.

Morrie Markoff

(August 14, 2022)

Williams Sisters

My hat off to the Williams sisters. 

If you are unbeatable it’s time to retire. 

When you started, you were as poor as the proverbial church mouse. 

You are now wealthy beyond any dreams. 

I can only wish you a long and a happy future.

Good Luck 


(August 13, 2022)