Based on evidence, it is likely Donald Trump is likely to go to jail.

He is a traitor to his and our county.

Nothing will save him.

P.S. Does it remind me of Hitler? Hell yes. 

In the end, he wound up underground in a rat hole. He did what he said the Jews would do. 

They didn’t. 

He did. 

Did he come out with two guns blazing? Hell no. 

He was a coward (good riddance). 

Dropped by a plane somewhere over the ocean (no one knows where). His cremated ashes blown about in the winds. 

Au devoir, mein Fuhrer.

You were no Butch Cassidy.

(June 12, 2022)

Shocking Story (Again)

… No one but his parents will grieve for the cold-blooded killer Salvador Ramos. 

Probably millions of words will be written about the Rio Grande killings. 

The people involved will have bad memories and nightmares about it.

The fact is we live in a brutal country. Incidents like the above mentioned are not a rarity. It will happen again, again and again.

No other country has the homicides each year that we do.

Our 2nd Amendment to our Constitution allows us to carry guns. It doesn’t spell out clearly whether they must be exposed.

It is a subject that our Congress has argued about for many years and in the future for many more.

My “take” is that in our congested big cities only the police should have guns. …

(May 26, 2022)