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Perhaps some good may come out of so much evil.

Again, Congress will debate the 2nd Amendment, the right to carry arms. Our Congress may be nothing but debating society. The question debated has been around for years.

The shooting in Uvalde will like a cork flowing down the Rio Grande river soon disappear from view, fading into history. Many problems will be left unresolved.

Dead is dead, you can’t bring a deceased person back to life. The evil deeds that happened in Uvalde will never be forgotten by surviving victims, it has been etched into memory cells.

Nothing is forever. The evil men do is left behind. The good fades with the deed.


A gavel bangs loud, a voice says, “Hear ye, Hear ye, this Congress is now in session. Bailiff please read the proposed agenda.”

Among them is “the right to carry arms” and so it goes (and has gone repeated for much of American history and until this day has not been resolved.

Do guns kill people, or do the people who pull the trigger? (A chicken and egg question.)

Does the 2nd Amendment give us the right to carry a concealed weapon? Many states have different views, so do people. My view is that only police should carry guns.

What’s yours?

Will there ever be a conformity of views?

I don’t think so.

“And the band plays on.”

Good luck (In our society you need it).