Betsy Doll

My “Betsy Doll” died in my arms at the age of 101.

Unlike most women, she didn’t age.

When I married her, she weighed 105 pounds.

When she died, she was 95 pounds.

She had a figure movie stars would envy.

I am not a womanizer.

She was the only girl I ever dated.

I never proposed to her.

We were in love.

For readers who want to know more, please read my book “Keep Breathing.”

Good luck.

Dear Reader, every life is a story.

If mine inspires you – write yours.

(April 14, 2022)

Survival – Bielski Brothers

Operating only at night and living in a Polish forest, the Bielski brothers created havoc on the German army during WWII.

They threw live grenades into passing trucks loaded with German soldiers.

They pointed the arrows of road signs to lead them into swamps.

For two years, they were a thorn in the German army’s side.

Huge sums of money were offered for their capture.

They never were.

The woods were their home.

In conclusion … the Bielski brothers survived the war and returned to their trade as tailors.

All this happened 75 years ago.

For the readers interested and who want more information, go to your computers.

Millions of words have been written about the Bielski brothers.

If it whets your appetite, do some research on your own.

Good luck


(April 12, 2022)


Dear Readers:

Please forgive my not answering your letters and comments.

Feedback is important to me.

I am thankful I’ve had friends like you.

You have enlightened my life.

Hopefully, all of you are healthy and happy and productive.

Mae West said it best: “It’s not the long life you live that matters, it’s how you lived it.”

Stay healthy, have fun.

Best Wishes


(March 23, 2020)

My Take


Danny puts a bowl of oatmeal in front of me.

What to do first?

Eat the bowl of cereal or read the Wall Street Journal?


If I read the newspaper first I may lose my appetite and not eat my cereal.

I decided to “risk” it and “opt” for reading the newspaper. (Not a world shaking decision.)

It was a good choice.

Putin and the Ukraine representatives are meeting in Turkey to seek a solution to end the war, before it becomes more destructive. …

We cannot, we must not, we will not let it happen.

I have my fingers crossed.

Cross yours.


P.S. I ate my cereal

(March 30, 2022)

A Worry

Never before has our civilization been at danger of extinction than it is now.

It has taken the world years to build.

It is a fragile world, subject to extinction at any moment. (Both sides have the weapons and capability to do that.)

Crazy, isn’t it?

We (the world) spend a lifetime developing technology to destroy ourselves. In the past, mad “geniuses” like Hitler and Napoleon in their lust for power almost succeeded.

For our civilization, it is always a danger. We owe it to our children to always be alert.


(March 3, 2022)

Ready for the World…

Big-belly Emily was here yesterday, all smiles.

She is big enough to give birth tomorrow.

Her doctor says she has two more months to go. 

Every while “S” kicks her (anxious to come into this world. If she saw the “mess” the world was in, she would not be in such a hurry to get here.

(March 25, 2022)

Oscar Night – 2022

… Today and far into the future it will be remembered as “the night of the slap.”

To me, the “hero” of the night is Chris Rock.

He refused to file a battery charge against Will Smith.

What a great guy.

It was an Oscar night that will be long remembered.

(April 2, 2022)