Lesley Stahl: 60 Minutes – “Teaser” Letter 

Dear Lesley,

Forgive me for saying this but you are not “fully” doing your job, which is to find guys like me, which is not hard.

I am not in hiding.

It’s likely I am the last of my breed.

My name is Morrie Markoff.

I am 108 years old.

At my age, nothing is certain.

I have lived through much of contemporary history.

My memory is still good.

If this “teaser” letter interests you, please contact me.

A personal interview would be most productive. 

My hearing is faulty (I am deaf to requests for money (Ha! Ha!))

I still have a sense of humor.

Morrie Markoff

TV Memories

I remember that many years ago CNN started with few commercials (many, many moons ago). 

Not anymore.

Some of the boring-to-listen-to are (so it seems) longer than the programs.

Confession – I was the 2nd commercial on Channel 2 (I think).

I demonstrated a vacuum cleaner my company “Wiz” vacuum stores was selling.

Unrehearsed, it was a crude presentation, but not to viewers. TV was exciting and new.

It brought world happenings into your home.

I bought a TV with an eight (yes, eight) inch screen for my mother.

She sat fascinated by it. 

“How does it work?”

I stammered, not knowing how to explain it to her. She looked at me.

“Is it magic?”

I thought for a moment and said, “Yes, mom, it’s magic.”

I sold TVs and I repaired them, but I couldn’t explain to my mother how they worked.

TV is a huge industry today.

I saw part of its beginnings.

In truth, I am a museum piece.

In a few days (January 11) I will be 108 years old.

I don’t feel or look like people feel I should.

I read, I write, I watch CNN news on TV.


(January 10, 2022)