I can’t believe it.

Gas prices are heading to $5 a gallon.


There is no gas shortage.

There is plenty of oil in the ground.

Yes, the gas tax is high and for no reason I can see.

In the early thirties in New York City, gas was $.099 cents a gallon. Even poor people could drive old low-mileage-getting Cadillacs (8 miles on a gallon) with eight large cylinders (the car jumped when you put your foot on the gas pedal).

“Something is rotten in Denmark.”

We have to find out “what” and fix it.

The oil company is happy, the stocks are going through the roof. Daily, the price of gas is rising.

Workers, poor people are suffering. They have to buy gas for their cars to get to work.

Their money buys less, they need higher wages, and will, if necessary, go on strike to get it.

Unless President Joe Biden acts to halt the spiral of inflation (with its dreadful consequences) we are in for “bad times.”

He must have the fortitude and vision of Franklin D. Roosevelt. We don’t want to be singing the song, “Brother, can you spare a dime.”

Rampant, uncontrollable inflation brought to power Hitler in Germany.

We can’t let history repeat itself.

Act now – while we still can.

My fingers are crossed.


(November 2021)

Author: Morrie Markoff

Centenarian (born in 1914) who lives in Los Angeles, and is also a metal sculpture artist and the Author of "Keep Breathing," available on Amazon.com and other book seller sites.