Betty White

Ageless, deep dimpled Betty White is dead at 99.

What irony, on the eve before the Rose Parade.

Sitting in a chair overlooking Colorado Boulevard, with sparkling eyes and dimpled cheeks, she described each contingent of parade marchers as they marched by, giving understanding to TV viewers.

Her death is a terrible loss to all who knew her. 

No one is irreplaceable but it will be difficult to find another Betty White.

Nothing stays the same but the “band plays on.”

(December 31, 2021)

Time Passes by Like Clouds in the Sky

Time passes by like clouds in the sky.

Yesterday’s dreams may become today’s reality.

It’s not what you wanted them to be.


The article in L.A. Times was most interesting.

It was about “horology” – a study of “time” – a subject most of us waste a lot of. 

Sentenced criminals do.


It’s how we measure our aging.

Each of us is only given a limited amount of it.

Often, we don’t spend it as wisely as we should.

In our formative years we use it, often abuse it, in preparation for a future that some don’t have….

As humans, we only have limited control of our lives.

No one knows what our futures will be….

Are our lives governed or do we have “free choice” in things that happen, do we have a voice?

No one knows.

We can’t see around the corner.

Right from the beginning we don’t know how it will end.

We wake up in the morning, take a peek outside.

Whatever the weather, we have no choice but to abide.

Chorito handed me two pennies she found on the floor.

No longer handling money, I didn’t know we used them anymore.


I’m glad I don’t have to make a living from writing….

Any money I have earned from book “royalties” goes to my “handler” Judith. She donates to the Crippled Children’s Hospital (who took care of my granddaughter Jeannie pro bono when she contracted polio)….


(December 12, 2021)


I heard our door close as Judy left the room.

I love Judy, the daughter that every parent wants and we were lucky to have.

She’s had some “bad luck” in her life, built loving memories of her attorney husband, dying at a most productive time in his life.

Tough breaks, but as Ruby would say, “That’s the way it is.”

Judy never remarried. She lives with memories of Raymond.

I don’t know of a more active or competent person

(with many or more talents that I have).

She is an innovator.

I love her.

I am proud of her.

My “J” 


Asleep on the couch, I felt a hand shaking me. Looking up, it was Judy.

“Dad, I’m leaving.” She is going back to the small but cozy house she built in Seattle. Her children live there.

With tears that I was holding back, I said, “Goodbye, J,” and kissed her hand.

She picked up her luggage and waved goodbye to Danny. Without looking back, she was out the door.

Will I ever see her again? Who knows. No one can see around the bend.


(November 2021)

“My Blue Heaven”

With my dogs and me and a friend whom I see

I am happy in my blue heaven

A moonlit night, a happy sight

I’m happy in my blue heaven

Sleeping well last night, free of fright

A sunny day filled with play

I’m happy in my blue heaven

I never want to leave, I would constantly grieve

In my blue heaven

It’s here, I want to stay where 

I will spend my day

In my blue heaven


(November 2021)


I can’t believe it.

Gas prices are heading to $5 a gallon.


There is no gas shortage.

There is plenty of oil in the ground.

Yes, the gas tax is high and for no reason I can see.

In the early thirties in New York City, gas was $.099 cents a gallon. Even poor people could drive old low-mileage-getting Cadillacs (8 miles on a gallon) with eight large cylinders (the car jumped when you put your foot on the gas pedal).

“Something is rotten in Denmark.”

We have to find out “what” and fix it.

The oil company is happy, the stocks are going through the roof. Daily, the price of gas is rising.

Workers, poor people are suffering. They have to buy gas for their cars to get to work.

Their money buys less, they need higher wages, and will, if necessary, go on strike to get it.

Unless President Joe Biden acts to halt the spiral of inflation (with its dreadful consequences) we are in for “bad times.”

He must have the fortitude and vision of Franklin D. Roosevelt. We don’t want to be singing the song, “Brother, can you spare a dime.”

Rampant, uncontrollable inflation brought to power Hitler in Germany.

We can’t let history repeat itself.

Act now – while we still can.

My fingers are crossed.


(November 2021)

Ask Your Questions Now

It’s hard to believe the history I have seen and lived through.

I have outlived all of my friends. There is no one I know of who is alive to tell my story. At my age (107), I feel a responsibility and urgency to tell my story.

If any of my readers have any questions they wish to ask me, please do it now while I still have my memory (an amazement to people I know – me too).


(November 16, 2021)