Every life is different and unique.

Your children and grandchildren want to know all about you.

You have left footprints behind you they can follow.

I feel I owe it to posterity. A good reason to tell my story.

I don’t kid myself. Though I feel good I know I won’t be around long.

At this point in my life my simple needs are taken care of by loving people around me.

Good luck,


(October 28, 2021)

After Thoughts

Many people dream of travel.

They save money and put it off until they are no longer able to do it.

Time is unstoppable. 

Today is the yesterday that passed.

No one knows that tomorrow will be like.

Weather predictions are often wrong.


Better than being at a movie (often junk films) is the time you spend in libraries.

We all start life with empty brains.

Schooling is important but living “life” is the best teacher.


Learning is forever.


It’s a fact. Educated people earn (some exceptions) more money and “richer lives.”

Money in our society is important but who wants to be the richest guy in the cemetery (not me).

(October 29, 2021)

No Talk

It’s amazing to me that much can be said without uttering a word.

Danny makes a writing gesture by scribbling on his palm.

Chorito points her finger toward her mouth when she wants me to know it’s time to eat.

She points to my backside meaning do I want to go to the bathroom.

She gestures brushing her teeth, meaning I should.

Hand gestures have been around for “eons” of time.


Should I stop writing, I ask you.

Thumbs up or down?


(October 30, 2021)

Who Will Win?

Since I’ve had a diseased gallbladder removed (countless years ago), I’ve been a healthy guy.

I’ve had diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and shingles.

I am a prudent man.

I will take all advised precautions not to be infected by the current deadly coronavirus everyday taking its toll of sick and dead people. 

It is now in “play.”

Our scientists are working 24/7 to combat it. For sure, the current virus is more deadly that the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Who will win, no one knows.

We shall wait and see.

P.S. Readers, don’t be stupid.

It’s not a hoax.

Don’t be one of the daily dead.

Passoof (Yiddish) be careful.



(August 2021, rcvd 8/26/2021)