Watchmakers, Great Job

What time is it?

I look at my watch.

3:30 p.m, time to do a little walking.

The thin little second hand on my watch sets me to thinking,

One of the best skills is being a watchmaker.

He needs a steady hand. Their primary tool is a pair of tweezers.

He often breaks down the basic components of the smallest of watches.

I, as a machinist, am in awe of this skill.

A watchmaker is not the highest paid of all trades, but it should be.

I once asked a watchmaker how long it took him to learn his skills.

“A lifetime.”

Watchmakers everywhere hear this, my hat is off to you.

I worry that your skills will soon be redundant. 

We are now on “digital” time.

It’s called progress.

Is it?

P.S. The next time I see a watchmaker, I will ask them, “Can you repair a digital watch?”

(July 14, 2021)


My favorite subjects in school were history and English. I always got A’s in each.

I am a reader and have been since I was about 6 or 7.

I was a voracious reader of paperbacks.

Boredom was unknown to me, and still is. 

Interspersed with my reading and watching movies, I watch TV but I get annoyed.

A “bit” of news and then advertisements, which are repetitive.

It’s easy to become brain dead. 

I used to stay up late. I no longer do.

By eight p.m. I am in bed.

In my younger days, I would stay up until midnight.

I was a “free soul,” no one supervised me.

By eight p.m. my eyes get watery and paste together.

Usually, I am helped into bed. I usually get up two or more times during the night to urinate.

That’s it. That’s my day.

“Good night”


(July 30, 2021)

Looking Backward

Am I living too much in the past?

Sometimes I wonder.

But the past is where my life is at.

In the present, I am trying to spend my life as pleasantly as possible until the Grim Reaper gathers me.

And what a life I have had.

No writer likes repetition, including this one.

I’ve had not only a long life but an active life, filled with love, adventure and anticipation.

“Morrie, would you like to relive your life?”

Sure, but I would like to make a few changes, minor ones to me, but important to the recipient.

So – it’s almost time to move on and make room for another “Morrie.”

(July 27, 2021)

Be Vigilant

Hitler, who planned to have the Germanic Empire last a thousand years was wrong in his estimate.

The Fuhrer made many fatal mistakes. 

One was in his persecution of the Jews.

He directed the war against the hated Soviet Union, many of his enemies, I believe, would have become his allies.

Hitlers are always a threat to a democracy.

We must be vigilant and not have it happen.


(July 30, 2021)

More Secrets to Longevity

It was a treat, a feast.

Danny brought me a July 4th lunch.

A half slice of rye bread pastrami sandwich and a side order of potato salad, both of which I love.

This morning, instead of my usual oatmeal cereal, Danny also brought a large serving of scrambled eggs and a small cup of hot mustard.

I dipped a little bit of the scrambled egg into the hot mustard.

My nostrils tightened. I grabbed a glass of cold water and swallowed.

My eyes teared. 

That mustard was hot.

Danny likes hot food.

I do, too…up to a point.

As a kid I was a vegetarian. I drank lots of milk until one day I became lactose intolerant. I had lots of bellyaches.

Today, I eat everything (if it doesn’t move) except shrimp, which I am allergic to, but I don’t eat much.

When people learn that I am 107, they ask what’s my secret to longevity.

-Exercise, walk, walk, walk and “keep breathing.”

Without a walker, my knees won’t hold me up. I use it.

Exercise, burn up excess calories by exercising…Walk.

Walking will make your life more interesting.

You will notice things around you that in driving by you would not have noticed.

It will strengthen your legs and keep your weight down.

Walking is cheap. 

-One thing I don’t do, I don’t sit on my butt watching TV unless it’s a TV special.

I only watch CNN on TV before going to bed.

-I don’t overeat, I don’t drink any liquor. 

-Don’t overeat. If you feel full, walk away from the table

-Don’t have butter with your meals.

-I credit Betty’s cooking to our longevity.

She followed vegetarian recipes.

There you have it, dear readers. “My secret.”

Whether my lifestyle will work for you, who knows?

Good luck and keep breathing


(July 6, 2021)

In a Heartbeat

Betty and I traveled the world.

Very few places did we miss (next life).

I’ve burned up hundreds of rolls of film, some of which I never got around to printing.

Betty kept a journal. Before going to bed, she wrote in her journal our daily travel experiences, including costs. Her added comments must be read to be appreciated.

People commented on how wonderful a traveling pair we were.

We complemented each other.

Only once (my fault, my ego) did we ever have differences. We saw things differently. 

We always compromised, dropped the subject and moved on – a wonderful policy that we recommend to our readers.

Never, never, never go to bed angry or resentful.

Put your arms around each other, you don’t have to vocalize, that says it all.

“Morrie,” Betty once asked me, “would you marry me again?”

“In a heartbeat,” I answered.

(July 9, 2021)



Will they never stop?

Will the “grim reaper” never take a holiday.

Who can imagine the building you are in suddenly collapsing, crashing to the ground, a pile of rubble, the people in it crushed to death?

No one, least of all me.

Luck, you have to have luck.

Most of us have escaped certain death by sheer luck.

Is there some power that watches over us, that guides our lives?

I often wonder…or is it chance?

In my youth, I was an atheist.

I no longer am….

I no longer “ponder” and think of unanswerable questions at the age of 107.

I have lived a long life, a productive one….

No one lives forever nor do they want to.

As long as I can get pleasure out of life (and I do), I’m thankful.

So, in conclusion, I wish my readers the luck I’ve had.

We only get “one go around.”

Make the most of it.

“Keep Breathing”

(June 2021)

My Betsy the “flower girl”

Three forty-five p.m.

I took a break.

I’m again rocking and thinking.

Danny will soon be making our dinner.

I decided to exercise my feet and take a stroll around the apartment.

Before I leave, I sing my Betsy doll a song to my favorite picture of her in front of me.

She is holding a bouquet of flowers. 

She loved flowers.

She once told me that as a kid, she had a small flowerpot that grew flowers.

It was placed on a ledge outside her window.

Me, a tenement kid, the only flowers I first saw were on the chest of a dead man.

I love flowers, the smell of flowers, but not with the passion that Betty did.

She “glowed” while holding them.

She was always picking dead leaves from them.

I often told her she smelled like a flower.

It brought a smile to her face (and mine).

(July 2, 2021)

Basharth (Yiddish for Meant to Happen)

Lucky me (so far).

I have had many close calls, escapes from death.

Never did I ever expect to reach the age I am, and to still have my marbles.

Just good luck.

Some people have it, some don’t. Some believe our lives are preordained (meant to be)


Who is to say.

I believe as a mere human being, I will never find the answer. 

I’ve stopped thinking about it. As your life evolves, you (at least I do) go with the flow.

In my youth, I was an atheist.

I no longer am.

I am Jewish and my parents were religious (but not fanatically so).

On “High holidays” they sent me to the local synagogue. On Friday night, my mother said Jewish prayers.

I went to the neighborhood Hebrew school until the age of 13.

When I was 13, I had a Bar Mitzvah – I became an adult.

I used to be an atheist.

Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opiate of the people.”

I believed him – but I no longer do.

Some people need religion. In times of stress and troubles it gives them solace, peace of mind.

I am no longer an atheist nor do I believe in a “Supreme being.”

There is so much poverty and misery in this world. 

If there is a god, why doesn’t he do something?

I believe what I see (show me the money).

I will never know the answer and neither will anybody else.

Morrie Markoff

(June 29, 2021)