Another One of My Days

I was shaken awake by Danny.

Danny was pointing to my large 14” wall clock.

With a little difficulty, I was able to make out the time – 7:50 am – time to get out of bed.

I shower once a week (no longer a greasy mechanic).

Dressed, washed, I headed for the breakfast table to eat one of Danny’s belly extending breakfasts.

He served both oatmeal, and bacon and an omelet.

Breakfast is my best and most enjoyable meal.

I ate it with “gusto.”

Served with small diced fried potatoes and one half of a well-toasted English muffin and marmalade to cover it.

My stomach was full. I could not eat another mouthful, I had it.

I sat immobile reading the LA Times Danny handed me.

I thought, “Morrie, you are one lucky guy.”

It’s the truth.

What would make it better is having Betty alongside me.

Betsy is in another world.

(May 20, 2021)