If you want to have a miserable day, turn to a news program on your TV.

First of all, and I’m not a complainer, I have a complaint.

The text describing what is happening in the world does not stay on long enough for old people like me to read.

If you want to know who was murdered, robbed or suffered terrible mishaps, stay tuned.

I do.

We live in a world that could have many improvements. 

I’ve lived through many that have been made, and are being made.

Progress is always slow, but it has and is being made. If I live long enough, I will see them.

Who knows. Perhaps I will.

I wish you “good luck” and be as fortunate as I am and have been.


(June 5, 2021)


Justice is often depicted blindfolded holding a set of balanced scales in her hand.

This is meant to indicate the impartiality of justice.

We pride ourselves on our justice system.

“No one is above the law.”

Unfortunately, this is not true.

It’s been proven a fact that the more money you have the more “justice” you get.

In my world travels, I have gone to foreign courts. My conclusions have been that despite the inequities, if I had to stand trial for some infraction of our laws, I would prefer it to be in an American court.

(May 28, 2021)

Me, Morrie

I sit, rock and wonder.

Why am I still here and functioning? 

Am I a freak?

What did I do right?

I know what I did wrong (like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and when I got home I switched to my pipe).

Morrie, I’m often asked, “What’s your secret?” (Maybe because I never inhaled). Perhaps, I wish I can give my longevity, if I had any, to them.

Betty and I did do something that I believe extended our lives. Almost every day, depending on the weather, before breakfast, we walked around Silver Lake, a distance about 3 miles (it took us less than an hour).

Our secret? Could be.

We outlived all of our friends.

If I have a secret, it’s walking, keeping active during the day.

Legs need to be exercised.

So – my secret may be that I walk, and despite my age (107) I still walk.

I use a folding walker. I walk around my apartment at least five times before breakfast.

When Danny sees me walking, he gives me the “thumbs up.” It’s what he should be doing, he knows it, but doesn’t.

For sure, sitting all day and watching TV is not conducive to longevity.

Walking may be my secret.

(June 22, 2021)

Tenacious Trump

If there is anything admiral about Donald Trump is that he never gives up. He is tenacious.

He never gives up….

He will keep trying. We, you and I have to be alert and thwart his efforts. So far, we, the voters, have.

Let’s keep doing so. It took many years to finally get many of the progressive laws passed.

I feel we are lucky having Joe Biden as our president.

Donald Trump would give me nightmares. 

Who needs that.

(June 25, 2021)

“Betsy” Doll

There is a void in my life – Betty.

I miss the half smile she almost always had on her face.

I miss holding her soft hands.

She was the “best,” as a mother, a traveling companion, and as a wife.

I never, never “fooled around.”

With Betty as my wife, I “had it all.”

Again, I am “one lucky Dude.”

(June 22, 2021)


Save Taix restaurant?


It’s iconic, a landmark. Innumerable historic events were held there.

I came to L.A. in the ‘30s.

One day, I visited Echo Park to see Harry, a friend who was a pattern cutter in the schmata (garment industry), a high paying job when jobs were scarce.

“Morrie, let’s go to Taix for lunch on me.”

I was impressed with the decor, with its size. At that time, with little money, I didn’t eat in restaurants like Taix.

I remember eating their lunch special. A gut-busting full meal for 35 cents.

When I found a job in the movie industry operating klieg lights that paid the union wage of $1.25 an hour (unusually high pay for the times) while living in Echo Park, I ate at Taix often.

I was living the “good life.”

Destroy Taix – hell no!

It would be a travesty.

(June 3, 2021)

Musings: Emily and Haile

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again – I have so far been “one lucky Dude.”

I’ve had some rough spots in my life (very few people did not).

Here I am, and at the age of 107 in pretty good shape, and so is my family.

Danny drove me to see the T-shirt printing facility of Haile and Emily – Ink Squad L.A.

Very impressive.

My heart “glowed.” They may not know it, but this is the best time of their lives, their “halcyon days.”

Two young married people, deeply in love, working together building a business. 

They brought back memories of Betty and me.

They are and will keep expanding their business.

They showed us a sample of their end product.

A T-shirt with a stamped design (very innovative.) Haile is very talented.

My wish and hope is that they prosper and when the time comes, raise a loving family.

(June 3, 2021)

Kaiser Visit

Yesterday, Danny and his wife drove me to the Kaiser facility where an efficient female doctor cleaned out my ears.

They were loaded with wax. The procedure was a “bit painful” but I expected it would be.

I gritted my teeth. Was I happy to hear the words, “Morrie, that’s it.”

Perhaps now I will be able to understand what people are saying to me.


My visit to Kaiser helped my hearing very little….Sure wish I could hear better, but I get along just fine.


Steve visited today. He usually puts a pair of amplifiers on me.

He didn’t today.

We spent a pleasant lunch hour eating corned beef pastrami, and a side order of dill pickles, from Canter’s.

I wore no hearing aids. 

Only a few times did I ask him to repeat what he said to me.

I am long reconciled to my loss of hearing. I manage well.

To the rest of my limited days, I will continue doing what I am doing.

Have a good day.


(June 13, 2021)

Ticket to the Moon

Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I would live long enough to see commercial space flight.

In my youth, I read the magazine “Amazing Stories.”

At that time they were fantasies. 

No longer.

No one is selling tickets to the moon yet, but soon they will be.

It will be like buying a ticket to Cucamonga, but non-refundable.

We call it progress.

My mother would say it’s a trick. 

Maybe she is right.

Maybe I should buy a ticket now before the line gets too crowded.

I might be able to walk without my walker.

Maybe there will be senior rates.

Thinking of Judy, I wonder if they will allow pets on the flight.

Like innovations in the past, I’m sure it will be worked out.

Will there be “galactic” insurance?

(June 12, 2021)

Thinking, Always Thinking

Pleasant thoughts of my past life.

Fortunate to have shared them with my wife. If I had a wish, it would be to have Betty alongside of me, but I know that cannot be.

We get but one “go around.” From our birth, we build memories.

I feel that my “candle of life” is “flickering.” Like the melted wax on the candle bottom, puddling remnants of its use ready to go out.

It has done its job. Things are as they should be.

Pictures of Betty are before me. She’s always in my thoughts, “lighting up” my memories.

“Morrie, do you have a wish,” I am often asked.

“Yes, I do,” is my reply. 

I can best express it in a song I wrote for Betty called “Betsy Doll.”

Readers, forgive me, it may be repetition.

Betsy Doll, wherever you are, on this earth or on a star, that’s where I want to be.

We met by chance, at a wedding dance, it was the start, of our romance.

Then one day, you changed my life, “my girl” became my wife….

What “mars” my existence is not having Betty beside me, but I’m not complaining.

Again, I wish to say, I am one lucky “dude.”

May you, my readers, be as lucky as I am.

Good wishes, good luck.


(June 5, 2021)