Meeting Paul Levy

I had a pleasant lunch yesterday at the Farmers Market (on Fairfax) with Paul Levy, the son of Ruby Levy, one of my dearest friends.

As we had never met, the worry we had is how would we recognize one another.

It proved to be no problem. With Danny pushing me in a wheelchair, I held my book “Keep Breathing” easily visible in my lap. 

Out of the crowd appeared a handsome young man (Paul Levy).

“Morrie Markoff,” he said to me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I am Paul Levy. We have done a lot of correspondence by computer, finally were are meeting,” and we shook hands vigorously.

At my request, he told me a lot about himself and his family. We talked about his and my parents and our lives in East Harlem. We spent over an hour exchanging information. We parted with the desire to keep in touch. Hopefully we will.

Danny again received a “check shock” when he insisted on paying for the cup of coffee he ordered – $3.50.

Oh, well, as my friend Ruby would have said to Danny…

“That’s the way it is.”

(April 16, 2021)

Author: Morrie Markoff

Centenarian (born in 1914) who lives in Los Angeles, and is also a metal sculpture artist and the Author of "Keep Breathing," available on and other book seller sites.