Rather be Writing

Danny came into my room while I was writing, just after lunch.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Asking no questions was a mistake.

I went with him, strapped in the front seat while he made several stops.

I was sitting in the car bored and anxious to get home to do some writing. 

*   *   *

It is said that a writer is productive if they write one page of script a day.

Today I wrote five pages.

Writing comes easy for me.

Thoughts, words just seem to flow.

I started writing late in life.

Every day I write. I don’t write to earn money, but to visibly express what is on my mind.

When people would ask me what I did, I told them I was a machinist.

I was a “fix it” guy.

*   *   *

Danny, my caretaker, often motions with his hands for me to write.

I will. If I have something to write about.

There is much to write about and I will continue writing as long as I can.

And I hope you, my reader, will read what I wrote.

(March 25, 2021)


I have a tendency to do more than I am able to.

It is important that I remember my age. 

I, for sure, don’t want to spend my last years in a hospital.

So far, I have been lucky. I will try to do my best not to push it too far. 

It has its limits. I am 107-years-old.

Hard to believe, but figures don’t lie. Best of all, I am able to get around (with the help of a walker).

With the proper glasses, I can read, and do. 

I watch the TV news programs and 60 Minutes with Danny sitting beside me.

I don’t take my luck for granted.

Most people are not that fortunate. 

I have seen many tragedies.

(March 15, 2021)

Homeless People

Danny and his wife drove me through the downtown area on the way to have a delicious lunch.

I was saddened by the many tents I saw, the many homeless people sitting in front of tents or on chairs and benches.

Questions came to my mind. 

How do they survive?

How do they get money for food?

Where do they go to the toilet?

Do they have families or children?

What I take for granted the homeless do not have, nor do they all want it.

Betty once offered $5 to a homeless person. With a look of disdain, he pushed her hand offering the money away.

Every city has a homeless problem. There are city councils passing bills making available millions of dollars trying to find a solution.

In the end – nada, but will keep trying. 

All of the homeless, as children, had families and plans for a good life.

What happened?

(March 13, 2021)

Santa Monica Beach

Walking past a group of girls on Santa Monica Beach, I heard one of them say, after looking at me, “He looks like a Greek god.”

My body developed, I believe, from my swimming.

I did not have the muscles that weightlifters did. Swimming does not build them and I was a long-distance swimmer.

Bucking against the tides (and garbage) I could swim for hours, and often did. I dove from a height of 25 feet.

I have little ego. I never brag about the “good looks” I was born with. I had nothing to do with them, period. It just happened.

(March 4, 2021)

Fairfax Farmers Market

I never thought of myself as a writer, being very mechanical.

Someone said to me, “Morrie, you are an author.”

Perhaps they are right. I find it easy to express my thoughts.

*  *  *

Danny and his wife took me to the Fairfax Farmers Market. 

Still a huge place. Not what it was when I came here in 1941, when for $1 I could buy more produce than I could carry home.

I enjoy taking them there. I enjoy seeing the activity and the hustle, the bustle.

No visitor to L.A. should miss it.

One of a kind. 

(March 11, 2021)

My Day

I had a very restless night, getting up about every hour to urinate.

I go back to bed, rarely to sleep.

I spend the rest of the early morning thinking, mostly about Betty, whom I miss.

Nothing lasts forever. 

At my age, I know I don’t have much time left and make the most of the time I do have.

I spend my time reading, and always, Danny alongside me watching the TV station CNN.

I am content.

Like some “nut,” I talk to Betty.

I try to keep her abreast of what is happening.

(March 2, 2020)