Doctors Dangerous?

Most of us have allergies, but we don’t know it.

I was lactose intolerant.

After I suffered from stomach cramps, doctor after doctor and stomach specialists advised me not to eat meat or steak.

“Stick to dairy foods. Drink lots of milk,” they said.

Those were the foods that made me the sickest.

I was lactose intolerant. A disease no doctor could diagnose because in those days food allergies were unknown.

I was a sickly kid, small for my age. Often my stomach hurt and no doctor knew why.

Suddenly, my life changed.

I had a complete turnaround.

One day, in a restaurant, I ordered a steak, fried potatoes and a side of carrots and peas. No-no foods that my doctors said I should not eat. Roughage I would not be able to digest.

How wrong they were.

I’m still around, they are not.

(February 26, 2021)

And the Band Played On

We are all of us living an episode of an early TV serial with nothing but portents of danger ahead. Woe to us unless we find a solution.

We are in deep trouble (s***) and soon.

Fortunately, our current president is fully alerted and using all the resources at our disposal to fight it head on.

I am not as alarmed. This is a critical point in world history.

All of us are in this together.

We can only wait and see how it plays out.

With good luck we will meet and defeat the deadly virus.

(February 21, 2021)

Nostalgic Trip

Yesterday, Danny and his wife took me on a most nostalgic trip through Boyle Heights and Griffith Park.

Replete with memories, scene after scene.

The weather was perfect.

The merry-go-round…the pony ride with mothers walking and holding onto their frightened kids…

A most memorable day.

(February 17, 2021)