The Plague

The news is not encouraging. 

The death toll keeps rising.

Precautions to avoid the plague are not believed or disregarded.

Medical personnel working 24/7 shifts, often victims themselves.

Self-sacrificing, brave, the best way humans can behave.

We are losing the war, the virus is winning, a foregone conclusion right from the beginning.

Help is beginning to appear. 

Some health workers and scientists say it will take at least a year.

Daily, meanwhile, people are dying.

Every beginning has an end and so too will this one.

How many lives the plague will have taken, too early to tell.

For sure, we will win, put this horror nightmare behind us.

Nothing but a sad memory.


(January 1, 2021)

Author: Morrie Markoff

Centenarian (born in 1914) who lives in Los Angeles, and is also a metal sculpture artist and the Author of "Keep Breathing," available on and other book seller sites.