Judy & Steve

To Jadwiga and my best and only son Steve, to my much loved and admired daughter Judy.

I was always proud to be your father. You made my and mom’s life as enjoyable as you could do.

“You are the best.”

I love you,


*A kiss from mama if she were here.

Be healthy – have fun, we only have one go-around.

To Jadwiga,

The best thing Steve did in his life was to marry you, make you part of our family.

Happy Holiday,

Much love, Morrie

(December 30, 2020)

Swiveling – New Year 2021

“Danny, please save this for me. I will eat it later,” I said about my breakfast and I left for my swivel seat in the front of my desk.

I swiveled and swiveled and swiveled, my thoughts were of Betty, they often are.

The delicious plate of food Danny made for me did not go to waste. I ate it in the middle of the night, the time was right.


Canter’s Deli on Fairfax near Beverly (since 1931) is still there. Parking is as tight as ever. 

Dining there is still an experience, the prices they charge do not disparage. The portions they serve, unbelievable to observe. From one sandwich, Betty would make three. 

Helen, my waitress, worked at Canter’s for 15 years.

“Morrie, I remember you, the heavy tipper.”

You don’t have to be wealthy to eat at Canter’s, but it would be less painful. With everything they served, they gave you half slices of pickles, delicious but tart to my taste.

I haven’t eaten at Canter’s for many years. I don’t have the appetite their food deserves.

So here I sit and swivel and swivel. I find it so comforting.


New Year’s Day is soon coming up, my birthday shortly behind it. 

It’s hard to believe (if I make it) I will be 107. The life I’ve led, few would believe.

Living a long life is of little value. It’s not how long you lived, but how you lived it.

I’ve had a full life with few regrets. Sure, some changes I would have made. 

With my only love Betty with me, I lived a “full life.”

My only wish, if it was granted me, would be holding hands with Betty.

With much love to all my family.

Happy Holidays,


(December 30, 2020)