Another Day

I opened one eye to look at my bedside clock.

I closed my eye.

I still had 15 minutes to go before I knew Danny would be shaking my shoulder rousing me out of bed. If you saw Danny you too would offer no resistance. I got out of bed. The clock said 7:45am. 

Danny went back to the kitchen to finish making the bacon and eggs.

By that time I was washed, dressed and sitting at the large round dining room table anticipating the meal Danny was about to serve me. He said “It is a beautiful day.”

I agreed. I will try to spend the day as pleasantly as possible. 

I would be happy if Betty was with me and I was holding her hand, which I was when she passed away a short time ago.

Nothing lasts forever.

I’m going to the table as Danny is about to serve dinner. He is a good cook, although while in the army he served three years as an M.P.

Don’t mess with Danny.

I just finished the egg roll he had served me. Tasty but it would not be my best choice. It assuaged my appetite.




Morrie Markoff, May 8, 2020